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If you are reading this, it’s probably because you have a few questions about who I am and what I do. To start: My name is Malory Weber, and I am an English Language Coach for learners of English as a second language. I am from the United States, English is my first language, I love dogs, I’m happily in a relationship with the man of my dreams, I love to read, lift weights, go for hikes in the mountains around my home, and most of all— help people like you learn English.

A coach is like a teacher, but a little bit different. If you look up the direct definitions or translations of these words, you will probably see that the translation of a teacher is like someone who gives you information in a classroom, and a coach is someone who maybe helps you train for sports. However, these days the career of ‘coaching’ is not just limited to sports. There are coaches in lots of different industries, who specialize in a lot of different things like finances, health and fitness, business, life (in general), and even— language. 

So, does being a coach mean I don’t teach you English? No. 

Being a coach means, I work with you by giving you the tools that you need to learn English, but essentially help you to teach yourself, much faster. In an everyday classroom it is very common for students to show up to class and be motivated in the beginning… but after awhile they lose that motivation because of one of two reasons:

  1. They expect that just because they show up, that they will somehow absorb the knowledge and learn English without doing any extra work (like practicing outside of class for example)… or
  2. The pace at which the teacher or institution gives information to its students is very slow and therefore takes a long time for students to learn what they could have learned in a much shorter amount of time. 

As a language coach, I give you the grammar and tools you need to learn English in a way that your brain learns. For example, when you were a baby and your parents started talking to you (and you started to learn your first language) they didn’t teach you about the grammar and discuss different grammar principles with you, THEY JUST TALKED TO YOU, and then over time you learned how to ask questions and they helped answer your questions in a way that made sense to you in that time of your life.  Language coaching is exactly like this. We start in a way that is slow and natural for you, depending on your level and experience in English, and then I give you exercises to help you build on that knowledge and work toward fluency.  If it helps, you can think of a Language Coach like a Personal Trainer, but instead of working on physical fitness, we are working on language fitness.

I believe learning English should be freeing, feasible and fun. Right now, there are a lot of English classrooms that make students feel like they have to be there, rather than making them feel like they WANT to be there. Learning English is a useful tool in our globalized world, because it has become the international language of business. That means that knowing and being able to speak English is necessary to get certain jobs, go to certain schools, or live in certain places. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn English is, my goal is to help you feel liberated by the English language, and not like you are its prisoner. 

Secondly, learning English can be expensive. Especially if you have to pay for classes every semester for several years. What I aim to offer is a course with a one time payment, and after you pay that you have the information for LIFE. That means you can access the course materials forever and can always return back to the information when you have questions.

Finally, learning a second language like English should be fun. Classrooms can be fun at times, but for a lot of us they create an environment where we want to fall asleep. By learning English online, you can take your computer, phone, tablet or any device you are learning on wherever you are in the world, and I aim to teach in a way that is not based on memorizing grammar principles, but using the language in a way that is fun and relevant to you and your life.

  1. At this time I have limited availability for 1:1 coaching, and you can learn more about that by sending me an email to set up a FREE consultation call.
  2. I host a LIVE video call in my Facebook group called “As a Second Language” once a week where I take students on LIVE with me and answer any questions they may have about the English language, as well as update them about how else they can work with me. https://www.facebook.com/asasecondlanguage/
  3. I have a FREE eBook that I wrote for anyone starting to learn ANY language, and in your case, the tools in the eBook can be very helpful to start (or continue) learning English. https://signup.asasecondlanguage.com/ebook
  4. I have a program that is going to be released very soon called “EL-Academy”. It will be an 8 week intensive English course where I will give you all the tools and instructions you need to speak, read, write, listen and understand in English as well as tools to practice what you learn so you can reach fluency much faster. You can sign up at this link https://signup.asasecondlanguage.com/ebook for my email list where I will keep you updated about the progress of the course, and when and how you can register when it’s ready.

I am also active on Instagram where I post helpful tips daily. @asasecondlanguage is where you can get to know me as a person a little bit better and why I started As a Second Language in the first place. https://www.instagram.com/asasecondlanguage/

  1. I am a native English speaker from the United States, and I have been teaching and coaching English successfully for awhile now. However, I do not, and have not ever claimed to know EVERYTHING about the English language. I will always answer your questions as promptly as I can, and if for some reason, I don’t know the answer to a question you have right away, I will always find the answer for you. 
  2. I am a life-long learner. That means even though I know a lot about my field right now, as I gain new information, my methods continue to evolve. Therefore, as we work together I will teach you what I know, and when I learn something new I’ll apply it to what we are doing to make sure you benefit from the new information as well.
  3. My conversations are content focused for learning and application needs, not personal everyday engagement. As much as I would love to be friends and chat with you everyday to help you practice your language skills, it is not within my capacity or business practice to do so.

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