Fluency Tips Via Podcast

If you are looking for a way to improve your listening skills that actually prepares you for the real world— look no further. In this weeks video I discuss 7 tips that will increase your listening comprehension and therefore bring you closer to fluency using podcasts. (Which are usually FREE, so really it’s a win-win […]

Why should I learn a second language?

On January 24, 2020 I was watching a video on someone’s progress learning Italian, and I was resonating with EVERYTHING they were saying. Not because I am currently learning Italian as well, but because the way they explained the importance of learning a new language was something I have been preaching for at least the […]

Why You are Never Too Old to Learn a Second Language

It is common for older people, especially ones who are monolingual, to believe they are not smart or sharp enough to learn a second language. Myths have been going around for decades that language learning is most effective when you are young, and that by a certain age, you might as well give up because […]

What it takes to really just ‘sit down and learn a language’.

The first time I ever told someone that I owned my own business, they naturally asked me: What do you do? In response, I simply said “I coach English as a second language to people online and I’m building a course that will be able to help people learn ANY language”. To which the person […]