What is a Language Coach?

Coach | koʊtʃ |


an instructor or trainer who gives private or specialized teaching


to train intensively

Language Coaching has many interpretations and may vary slightly from coach to coach. However, As a Second Language defines a Language Coach as an intensive instructor or personal trainer who gives private or specialized advice and teaching about how to learn a new language. Whether it is your second, third or tenth language, our language coaches will meet you where you are at with specialized advice for your learning style and personality. In turn, helping you skip the hassle of having to find and compile all of the answers yourself, and avoid the traditional method of language learning that is much slower and not customized to your needs. As a Second Language is rooted in the beliefs that language learning is not difficult, nor time consuming, and becoming fluent/speaking like a native is possible for YOU.

The Method

Our method is constantly evolving. As a Second Language is interested in helping students learn English as quickly as possible in a way that makes sense to their learning style, as well as their personality and goals. Our coaching method exercises the brain, similar to the way you would exercise a muscle, and is based on research of high performance and neuroscience.


At As a Second Language, we believe that in our ever-globalizing world learning languages is becoming more and more important for people to be able to communicate and understand where one another are coming from, cooperate and compromise on difficult issues, and coordinate on projects across the globe. I believe that every single human (including you) has a unique gift and purpose in this world and that, that gift is comprised of your unique biology, environment and experiences. Additionally, I believe that when those things are optimized, you can fulfill your highest potential.

I know that for a lot of us, learning a second language is not the end goal. In fact, it’s usually a stepping stone or the bridge that helps us get where we want to go in order to achieve our greatest dreams and desires.

That is why my goal in creating As a Second Language was to provide a space to learn language strategies that will help you be able to reach proficiency faster in a way that is freeing, feasible, and fun; so that you can focus more time and energy on your long term goals, and start connecting with the people who will help you get there, now.

Meet Malory

Hi, My name is Malory and I am the Founder and Language Coach here at As a Second Language. I am so happy that you are here! To give you a little bit of background about me, I am from the United States and my first language is English. I have been working with students like you to help them learn English since before I graduated from the University of Utah, where I studied International Relations and Linguistics. In addition to English, I speak American Sign Language, and am working to improve my French and Spanish. I love learning languages, and am so passionate about personal development. It is important to me that you know that I would never ask you to do something that I hadn’t at least tried myself, so that’s why I’m always working on my language skills too! I am also incredibly passionate about helping you learn English in a way that makes you feel like you can fly, because a load of pressure has been taken off your shoulders. Ever since I took my first ASL class, I have loved learning about the nuances of language and getting to know the world through the lens of different cultures. My language teachers have been some of the most influential people in my life, and usually in more ways than just teaching me the language.

Even before I discovered my love for culture and language learning, I was passionate about the English language— especially writing. I have been writing since I was a little girl, and my passion for writing has never stopped or even slowed down. I have written creatively, in journals, essays (galore!), as well as feature articles for school newspapers and an online published collegiate magazine. My point is, I know a thing or two about words, especially in English, but I will always be the first person to let you know that I do not know everything. Just like you, I am always learning, and believe it or not there are still things that I learn about the English language every single day. Therefore, I can’t promise you that I will always have the answers, but I can promise you this: if we run into a problem that I do not know the answer to, I will figure it out and I will not leave you hanging. 

Our Services

Email us to schedule a FREE consultation at contact@asasecondlanguage.com to find out which service is best for you, and don’t worry about the language barrier. Our coaches are patient and kind.

As a Second Language is based on the idea that learning a new language broadens your perspective and brings the world closer together through communication and understanding. When we learn a second language we open our eyes and ears to see the world in a way that is different than how we were raised, thus opening new doors and welcoming new opportunities. It is our belief that the key differences in our biology, environments, cultures and experiences is what will bring us together, and that as humans we need to maximize on those unique traits in order to help one another reach our collective goals and ultimately progress peacefully as a species.

"Learning a new language is a lot like life. We HAVE to stop stressing over the details and just go for it."

Malory Weber