as a second language

Language learning is badass.

Do you ever wonder how famous spies like James Bond and Charlie’s Angels learn so many languages?
Well, I do— often.
I have always loved spy movies, and if I’m being honest, I think it might be one of the reasons I wanted to learn foreign languages in the first place. But here’s the thing… you never see spies going to classrooms to learn languages, and I truly can’t imagine that in their busy lives of travel and training, that they have time for that. If I had to guess, they learn languages on the go. They integrate language learning into their lives so they can learn the language as fast as possible. That way, when they leave on an assignment (where there is no question on whether they will use the language or not), they are ready to go with no fear.
When I started learning languages on my own, I looked everywhere for methods that would help me learn languages the fastest. Through trial and error I came to the conclusion that there isn’t one method that works for everyone. BUT everyone can learn a second language when they apply certain principles. We don’t have time to spend years learning a language. We have passions, other interests, families to care for, careers to pursue, hobbies to explore, and adventures to seek. Language learning should push us in our pursuit of being life-long learners, but that doesn’t mean it should be hard, strenuous, or cost a fortune. Learning a second language should be freeing, feasible, and fun.

You know what else is badass?

Being kind and making a difference.

When it comes down to it, the purpose of As a Second Language is to promote communication and bring people together, so that we can propel progress forward faster. 
I’m an optimist, what can I say? 
I believe everyone has a purpose in this world. We are all made up of different biology, environments and experiences which makes us unique. There will never be another you, so whatever you feel drawn towards, whatever calls you like the line where the sky meets the sea— that is your must. You must do that thing, because the world needs what you have to offer. It needs your unique perspective and gifts in order to be better.
Knowing that, that is what I believe in, let’s break down the purpose statement above.

01. To promote communication

Not only is this about learning English (or any language) this is also about learning to communicate with one another to see each other’s perspectives and think about things differently.

02. To bring people together

A common language allows us to communicate with people we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It allows us to collaborate in our chosen professional fields across borders, since English is the dominant language for global business. I chose to solely focus on coaching English (for now) with As a Second Language. However, there’s a reason why it is called “As a Second Language” and not “English As a Second Language”, and that is because other languages are just as important and valuable. It’s also important for me to note here that I STRONGLY encourage you to learn any and all languages you feel pulled towards, because each and every language provides a unique perspective and opportunity to connect with people and cultures in a way that will most definitely change your life for good.

03. So that we can propel progress forward faster

So many countries, governments, and businesses fight to see who can find an answer to a problem first… but how much faster could we find the answers if we worked together instead? If we saw each other as human and not as “other”? Everyone has a unique purpose and unique expertise. Therefore, if we have a common language like English (and learn to embrace our differences) we can more easily work together to solve world issues and perplexing problems, which in turn will propel progress forward faster.

How 2L is different

the way
you learn

Polyglots don’t have a monopoly on language learning skills, you just need to know how you learn, and use that.

wherever you are

You don’t have to drive to a school everyday or move to a new country. You can learn English from wherever you are in the world.

whenever you want

We are all busy, and we don’t all learn best at the same times of day, or at the same cadence. Pick a schedule that works for you.

as your optimal self

We emphasize the mind/body connection to help you speed up your English learning process and feel your best!

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