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What Makes 2L Different

Personalized Learning

Polyglots don’t have a monopoly on language learning skills, you just need to know how you learn, and use that. You are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to learning, so 2L is focused on helping you define your goals and identify your learning style to create a personalized English learning plan that works for you.

Wherever You Are

You don’t have to drive to a school everyday or move to a new country. You can learn English from wherever you are in the world. 2L was started before the pandemic with the belief that virtual learning is the way to give you every opportunity you need to succeed on your English journey.

On Your Schedule

Does the phrase “I don’t have time to study English” sound familiar to you? Well, not anymore! Life is busy and demands for your time change all the time. Not to mention, people don’t always learn best at the same times of day, or at the same cadence, so 2L is built to support a schedule that works for you. 

As Your Best Self

Want to learn English faster? Well, the answer to that might be different than you think. Our mind and body are connected, so 2L includes meditation in each of your sessions to get you in a calm headspace for learning. Exercise is also strongly encouraged, as a healthy body equals a healthy brain that is ready to learn quickly!

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